2012: Blue Man Group

Our next stop on our Chicago tour was to visit the Blue Man Group.  I was able to get discounted tickets from Goldstar.com and we had a great time.  If you have never seen the Blue Man Group – it is worth your time and money.

This is another page, that when I look at it I feel like it looks plain.  However I wanted to highlight the ephemera on the page, and when you add to many embellishments it takes away from the items that you want people to focus on.  I attached the program on the right hand page to the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that it could be opened and read by the viewer.  If you look carefully you will notice that it is smudged.  Apparently the programs are printed with biodegradable ink, and it smeared while we were at the show.  I struggled with if I wanted to put this in the scrapbook, but I decided that I wanted the program on the page, and the smudges added some character.

I also cut the plastic bag from the gift shop to put on both pages.  Since it is clear plastic it was hard to attach to the page without the adhesive showing.  I solved this by folding it over the edge of the paper and using tape to hold it down.  The one corner on the page was stuck down with a sticky tab, and then covered up by another element on the page.
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