2013: Kentucky Derby Museum

2013: Kentucky Derby Museum

2013: Kentucky Derby Museum

We were fortunate enough to be able to take a trip down to Kentucky in February.  On the way down we stopped at Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum.  I chose a green theme for this spread based on the colors in the brochure on the left hand page. I liked the argyle print on the right hand page as it reminded me of some of the colors of the jockey’s uniforms.

Don’t think that I was betting on the races because of the ticket on the right hand side, that is from a simulated betting game that is in the museum – I didn’t do to well, so I think that I will continue my habit of not betting on horses.

I also included the red wrist band from the tour of the grounds, and a patch that I purchased in the museum store.

But, my favorite ephemera on this page is inside the green circle on the right hand page – it is dirt from the track.  My son, knowing my love for including ephemera on my pages, picked up a handful while we were on the tour!  I placed it inside a plastic protector pocket and then glued it shut.  I then glued the green circle around it so that you could not see the glue marks where I sealed it.

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