2014: Exchange Student Letter

2014: Exchange Student Letter For the last page of the albums  that I created for our exchange student I made a page to hold a letter that I wanted for him to read once he had returned home.

The letter contained personal remarks and sentiments for him, and things that would encourage him once he was back at home.  I put it in an envelope because it is a private letter for him from us, that I did not want other viewers to read.  Because of the way that it is placed on the page, and then within the plastic sheet protector, it is hard to get to to keep curious eyes from taking the time to pry.

I did the same thing for our previous exchange student –> Final Page.  This page, for some reason, is one of the most popular and re-pinned Pinterest pins that I have – See Pin.  My guess is that people like the concept of putting a personal letter in a scrapbook, and are less interested in the design of the page.

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