2013: Abraham Lincoln Birthplace

On our foray into Kentucky we saw a sign for the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace.  Since we had visited the Lincoln Presidential Museum and burial site a few months before I thought that it would be fun to stop and see where Abraham Lincoln was born.  Interestingly enough, the home had been long ago demolished, and in its place this large “temple” erected that had a replica log cabin built inside of it.  It was quite a grand structure considering that there was hardly anything inside of it.  There was a very interesting visitor’s center and gift shop that was on the grounds.  The top right hand picture is of the underground stream where the family got their water.

On the left hand page you will notice a white circle with a purple date stamp in it.  Almost every National Park site will have one of these stamps, and we usually collect them to put in the scrapbook because they highlight the location and the date that we were there.

On the right hand page I placed the two brochures that we picked up at the visitors center.  They are not affixed to the page, but rather held in place by the strip of cardboard that I placed down the center.  This cardboard is held in place by three brads.  I did this because the brochures were double sided and there was no good way to attach them to the page.  It is a little more difficult to get these ones off of the page to view as the reader would have to slide the whole page out of the plastic protector and then remove the brochures from the side.

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