2013: Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

2013: Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

2013: Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

While in Kentucky we also had the opportunity to stop at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.  I will share that this is one of the best faculty tours I have ever been on, and the accompanying museum is spectacular.  In the museum you can hold famous bats, view baseball memorabilia, watch films about the history of baseball, and even swing at a few pitches yourself.

The Museum shop includes scrapbook supplies (used in the pages above) but you can also have a baseball bat customized with your name or whatever slogan you wish.  Just remember to order this before you start the tour so that it is ready for you when you are down with the Museum and Factory Tour.  During the tour the tour guide will let you pick out an end piece from a baseball bat.

My favorite ephemera on this page is the wood shavings that my son picked up from the floor of the museum.  I enclosed them in a plastic pocket and sealed it shut so that they won’t fall out.

You will notice that all of the pictures on this page are tilted at a slight angle to the left.  The reason that I did this was because I didn’t want to cover up the old picture in the top left that was part of the printed background paper that I purchased at the museum store.  So I decided to tilt all the pictures on the spread to align with this one.



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