2013: Swim Season

2013: Swim Season

2013: Swim Season

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Jonathan, our exchange student, was convinced by his teammates on the football team, to join the swim team after football was over.  He met some new friends on the swim team, and had a great time.  It was a lot of hard work though, and his advice to the freshmen during Senior night was to “play basketball”.

These three spreads highlight his time on the swim team, senior night, and Winter Sports Awards night.  If you look closely at the second spread you will notice that I pulled some of the pictures off of his “Senior Board” to put on the first spread.

2013: Swim Season 2

2013: Swim Season 2

Margaux Farrell who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics for the French, stopped by the school during the season and Jonathan was able to get a picture with her.  I also included on this spread a newspaper article that highlighted Jonathan’s achievements, and the carnation and program from Senior Night.  I pressed the carnation for about two months before I put it on this page so that it would be appropriately dried and flattened.  The green behind the flower is a piece of the original flower paper that was with the flower as well.

2013: Swim Season 3

2013: Swim Season 3

The third spread is from Winter Sport Awards Banquet and I included the program and Jonathan’s ribbons.  If you look carefully you will see that I created a pocket for Swim Team programs so that those could slip in behind the ribbons.

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