2008: Walking with Dinosaurs

2008: Walking with Dinosaurs

2008: Walking with Dinosaurs

CraftsyI must start by apologizing that it has been so long since I have shared anything – between the end of the school year, high school sports, Christmas and the New Year I don’t know where time has gone.

But, lets get to the point – Scrapbooking!  One of our adventures in 2008 was to go and see “Walking with Dinosaurs”  – not the movie that is now in Theaters – but the live arena show!  I shouldn’t have to say that it was an amazing experience – because if it wasn’t I would not have scrapped it!  But it is well worth the family adventure to see this show.

For this spread I actually used 4 identical pages of background paper.  I used sharp pointed scissors to cut out two of the pages into outlines of the leaves, and then placed them directly on top of the other two pages.  I used thick sticky tabs to create some dimension between the leaves and then also slipped some of the pictures between the leaves on the page.

My favorite part of this page is that on the right hand page I cut through both of the background pages so that I could place a “dinosaur eye” that I hand drew behind the leaves so that it peeks out at the viewer.  It is more subtle that I thought it would be because I have had a couple of viewers jump when they saw the eye – as it didn’t immediately stand out to them and scared them a bit when they saw it.  Which was the look I was going for, but I didn’t expect the effect.

One of the struggles for this page was figuring out how to place the brochure on the page.  I decided that I would cut it and put it across both pages.  Don’t be afraid to do this on your spreads – but just remember to measure twice and cut once so you don’t ruin your ephemera.

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