2008: Indiana Ice

2008: Indiana Ice

2008: Indiana Ice

One of our good friends invited us to go and see an Indiana Ice Hockey game in Indianapolis.  My son has always loved Ice Hockey and this was a special treat for him.  In fact when he was younger his favorite player was “Grain Wetski” :). our friend bought front row seats right on the glass so we really got to see the action. Find authentic game-used jerseys at Steiner Sports!

I was able to find Hockey scrapbooking paper on Ebay – which goes to prove that you can find anything on Ebay!  The left hand page features pictures of us in our seats at the rink as well as a ticket stub. My son really wanted a picture of the Zamboni so our friend snapped a picture right as it was going by the glass.

I like to use ticket stubs because they often can serve as the “journalling” for the page since they list the event name, date, time and place of the events that we attend.  Also notice that I used a corner cutter to round the edges of the photographs to mimic the shape of a ice hockey rink.

On the right hand page I duplicated the corner cutting – but these pictures were taken during the game.  I tried something new on this page as well.  It may be hard to see in the photograph above, but the pictures are actually underneath a transparent piece of plastic that printing on it.  The top and bottom border words as well as the hockey rinks are printed on this and are on top of the pictures.  I did this for two reasons – the first being I thought it was cool to try a new technique – and it also makes viewing this page a lot like how we saw the game – through glass.  I attached the plastic sheet to the background paper with a type of rivet called eyelets – look carefully in the corners of this page.  Since the the eyelets have holes in them you could see through to the back of the next spread – so I cut small pieces of back cardboard and taped them on from behind so that it was not as obvious.  I attached the eyelets using my Big Bite Crop-A-Dile.
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