2009: Mizpah Shrine Circus

2009: Mizpah Shrine Circus

2009: Mizpah Shrine Circus

One of our first adventures of 2009 was a trip to the Mizpah Shrine Circus.   We went early to see all of the animals ahead of time, and we were fortunate enough to sit in the front row.  I purchased one of the programs which had trading cards of all of the clowns to sign.  My son had a great time trying to track down all of the clowns and getting their signatures.  You can see him getting a signature in the top left hand side of the right page.

For this page I decided to tear the cards out of the program and I used a corner cutter to round the edges of each of the cards.  To keep the look going I bordered all of the pictures that I took with white as well so that they all looked the same.

I chose bright fun colored shimmery background pages to hint at the fun and excitement of the circus, and made sure that I added my usual assortment of ephemera – ticket stubs, the title from the program, and a token from one of the clowns.

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