2013: Conner Prairie

2013: Conner Prairie

2013: Conner Prairie

One of the first things that we did with Luca was go to Conner Prairie.  Conner Prairie is an interaction history museum.  We got to learn about the history of the area and try our hand at throwing a tomahawk.

One of the best things about Conner Prairie is the museum “actors” who role play various characters within the time frame depicted by the park.  They never come out of character, and when we asked them questions about our present time they acted as if they had no idea what we were talking about.  The stories of all of the characters in the park tie together, so it is fun to hear what they are saying, and try and figure out the relationships of the characters within their own time frame.

For the left hand page I used the paper bag from the museum store as the background, and placed most of the ephemera from the trip on this page:

1. The guest sticker that we had to wear in the park.

2. Some animal hair from a piece of hide that a historical character was tanning.

3. The animal hair is bound by some hand dyed and spun wool given to me by one of the characters.

4. A nail made in the blacksmith shop which I purchased in the museum store.  The small brochure that came with the nail is attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the viewer can open it to read it.

The right hand page has a background sheet that came from a recycled paper stack and has two pictures from our days adventures.  I also mounted the map of the park to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the viewer can open and read.

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