Exchange Student: Album Title Pages

Exchange Student: Album Title Pages

Exchange Student: Album Title Pages

First I must apologize that the picture is so small, but if you click on it you can see the full version. I did this because the larger version was too big for the blog.

These are the three title pages that I made for the three scrapbooks for our exchange student, Luca.  I wanted them to all have the same theme but not to be identical, and because we are in the United States, I felt that they had to have a patriotic theme.

For all three pages I used patriotic background papers and used my Cricut to cut out the lettering and shadows.  It took about two hours to do all the lettering, but was still much faster than cutting them by hand, or by using the old die stamps that I used to use.  I am very thankful for my Cricut machine.

Also on all three pages I used burlap ribbon which I taped to the back of the page, and then secured using brads punched through the burlap and the background paper.

For Volume 1 I put together an Indiana laser cut that I purchased at a local scrapbook store.  For Volume 2 I used a cloth pennant which I attached using brads, and then glued craft store wooden letters to the flag.  I tried to color the letters, but they did not look good on this page, so I used a second set in natural wood.  For Volume 3 I used patriotic 3-dimensional stickers that I purchased at my local craft store.

Overall to create these three spreads it took about 3 hours, but most of that was in cutting and gluing letters and shadows together.

The albums that I put all of the pages in have a window in the front cover to insert a picture, so I took these pages and photographed them and then used a photo editor to make them exactly the right size to fit in the window.  I then had the pictures printed out at my local pharmacy and cut them to fit into the windows perfectly.  So now the window shows what the first page of the scrapbook is going to look like.

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