2013: Indianapolis Children’s Museum

2013: Indianapolis Children's Museum

2013: Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Paris ToursIf you haven’t figured it out by now – my sister has passes to almost everything attraction – this time to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

The special exhibit was of Avatar, so of course I had to theme the pages in blue.  The left and right borders are scraps left over from other projects, as well as the two horizontal bars on the left hand page.  If you look carefully at the top Horizontal bar you will notice that it actually forms the top of a pocket that is holding the museum map.  I created this pocket so that the map could be pulled out and viewed.  Usually I would stick the map to the outside of the plastic page protector, but in this case I had too many pictures that I wanted to display, so I hid most of the map behind the pictures.

Tip: Making a pocket in a scrapbook page:  I created the pocket by using my straight line cutter to cut a line across the middle-left 4 inches of the twelve inch page – leaving about one inch on the left side side of the page and 7 inches on the right side that is still connected.  I then turned the page over and put a piece of tape over the edge that is left connected on both sides – this helps to strengthen the paper so that it does not tear.  I then used a piece of card stock that is about 11 1/2 inches wide and taped it to the back of the page completely  sealing the border so that the brochure will not fall out.

The left hand page showcases pictures from the Avatar exhibit as well as a patch from the museum store.  The right hand page shows Luca, our exchange student, at some of the other exhibits.  Luca discovered that the plastic pipes for construction also made a great musical instrument!  The right hand page also displays Luca’s ticket for the museum and some “gold pirate coins” that were being handed out at the entrance way – the day we went it was apparently pirate theme day – I wish I had known because I have a sweet pirate costume!

I like to use tickets on my pages as they usually have the date and time printed on them as well as the name of the event/place.  This way I don’t have to include too much journaling on the page as that is not part of my preferred style.

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