2013: Famous Dave’s

2013: Famous Dave's

2013: Famous Dave’s

120 x 240I know that most of you probably don’t create scrapbook pages for restaurants that you go to eat out at.  but – this was our first time at Famous Dave’s and I felt like I had to celebrate the occasion – and besides – this was our exchange student’s first BBQ experience – at least with us!

Unfortunately the picture that the server took of us didn’t turn out too well because of the light shining in the window – but I did manage to get some pictures of signs and BBQ bottles within the restaurant which helped to finish out the page.

The left hand page is actually covered with our to-go bag! And I used a red background page on the right hand side to compliment the color of the bag – and the feel of our tongues!  We felt obligated to try the Wilbur’s revenge XXX hot sauce – and it was hot!

I could not fit all of the pictures on the page, so I tilted the BBQ sauce bottle to look like it was pouring and affixed it to the page – I then used my paper cutter to cut it in alignment with the top of the page.

I placed the menu from the restaurant on the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that it could be opened by the viewer, and we could get tempted to go back for more!

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