2013: Mississinewa 1812

2013: Mississinewa 1812

2013: Mississinewa 1812

CraftsyOne of the events that happens in our local area is Mississinewa 1812.

Wikipedia explains the Battle of Mississenwa as “an expedition ordered by William Henry Harrison against Miami Indian villages in response to the attacks on Fort Wayne and Fort Harrison in the Indiana Territory.”

When we arrived we discovered that much of the reenacting was not a reenactment of the Battle of 1812, as much as a display of the different kind of troops from various areas and Nations that were involved in the Battle of 1812 all around the country.  This didn’t matter too much to us as the whole experience was informing, exciting, and delicious!  The boys had opportunity to make fresh apple juice from an old juice press and we enjoyed our usual root beer, kettle corn, and turkey noodle soup.

For this spread I used recycled paper cardstock that has been printed on with black ink.  I then overlaid it with some scrap pieces of paper from previous projects to make it more interesting.

Each of the photographs was also bordered with scraps from other projects.  The photograph of the two boys near the 1812 sign is actually bordered with a thank you card that I cut down to size – the writing is still behind the photograph!  This came from a good friend who reads this blog – so if you recognize it let me know 🙂 .

As you know, I love to put ephemera on my pages – and this one includes a fabric bag that held candy, and a print of the liberty bell from an old printing press printed on hand made paper.  I also attached the program to the event on the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that the viewer could open it to read it.

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