2013: California Science Center – Endeavour Space Shuttle

2013: California Science Center - Endeavour Space Shuttle

2013: California Science Center – Endeavour Space Shuttle

Our next adventure on our California Christmas trip was a visit to the California Science Center which is home to the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

This was a page that was fun to create.  I chose vintage mechanical background paper to match the colors from the logo on the left hand side of the spread.  This logo came from the paper bag from the gift shop.  Then, to add to the interest on the page I used recycled printed paper to create borders for the pictures and the ephemera.

Luca wanted to ride the high ride bicycle at the museum and stood in line for an hour to get a turn so I wanted to make sure that I showcased those photographs.  Levi and I were too tall to ride :(.

Speaking of standing in line – we purchased tickets online to see the Endeavour ( a good idea because they sell out very quickly onsite) – and still had to wait in a very long line before we could get in to see it.  But, this is a must do if you are going to the Science Center.

The Los Angeles Coliseum, home of the 1984 Olympics, is right next to the Science Center so I made sure I included a photograph of the boys in front of the entrance as well.

I attached the visitor map to the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that the viewer can open it up to see the inside contents of the map.

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