2014: Trapped in San Diego

2014: Trapped in San Diego

2014: Trapped in San Diego

At first glance this page may not look like we are trapped! But – we were.  We left Los Angeles to travel back to San Diego to catch our plane back to Indianapolis.  workshopAfter having lunch with some friends I realized that a winter storm was hitting the Midwest, and called the airline to try and get moved to an earlier flight which was not full to beat the storm home.  The airline refused to move me to the earlier flight, and our flight was cancelled and we could not get a flight home for an additional 5 days!  So – we got to spend an additional 5 days in San Diego.

The airline paid for one night so we had to figure out what we were going to do the rest of the time.  Fortunately our good friend offered for us to stay with her which we did for several days, but our exchange student Luca wanted to pay for a night in a hotel – so we spent a day at the Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa.   It seemed like there were only about 5 other people at the whole hotel and we learned that post new years at hotels in San Diego is very quiet.  It was nice to have the whole swimming pool to ourselves.

These pages showcase the things that we did while we were trapped in San Diego – visiting Coronado Island, hanging out in the pool, and eating at Wahoo’s – our favorite fish taco restaurant.

There were quite a few pieces of ephemera that I wanted to include on this page – including the resort map and entertainment guide and newspaper clippings with maps of the awful weather that the rest of the country was experiencing.  I created a pocket using my Crop-A-Dile big Bite Punch to affix the green rivets on the right hand page.  I then put the pictures on the front of the pocket, and slipped all of the large pieces of ephemera in the pocket.

When we finally made it home I was glad that we were stuck in San Diego for the whole time – if we had been home we would have been stuck inside our house the whole time – so being in San Diego was a much better place to be trapped!

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