2014: New Years Rose Parade

2014: New Years Rose Parade

2014: New Years Rose Parade

50 Free Prints 160x600This day was the day that I was most excited about during our vacation in California.  I bought tickets to the 2014 New Years Day Rose Parade in Pasadena, California.  I spent over $100 a ticket so that we could be right in the thick of the excitement.  However I got violently sick right before the event started, went and threw up in a porta-potty and then spent the entire parade in my car in the parking lot.  It was very disappointing.  The two boys however got to see the parade and they had a great time.  I had my DVR record the whole event so I got to see it on TV when we got back home.

The background paper on the left is a picture of roses, and on the right a textured pink paper.  I used pictures that the boys took of the parade, and also included a flyer that was handed out at the event.  As you can expect of me by now, the ticket is on the page to show the details of the event.  My son, Levi, knows that I like to have ephemera for the scrapbooks, and he collected the colored confetti strips that you see on the right hand side of the spread, as well as cotton that fell off of one of the floats that you can see at the top of the left hand page.

My parents, who did not go to the parade with us, instead went to see the City of Downey Float, that we had helped to decorate earlier in the week (See scrapbook page of that experience), and my mother was able to collect some rose petals from the float and pressed them and sent them to me for the scrapbooks.  They are mounted on the top of the left hand page.  I was intending to use my Zyron Sticker Maker to laminate the petals to help preserve them, but I accidentally sent them through the machine with the sticker maker tape in instead of the laminating tape.  The rose petals were not strong enough for the sticker paper to come off without damaging them, so I had to mount them to the page with the white backing on.  While this was not ideal, the white backing does help for the petals to stand off of the page.  If I had realized this earlier I would have used a straight cut line to cut around the petals so that it looked cleaner.

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