2014: Marcoot Jersey Creamery

2014: Marcoot Jersey Creamery

2014: Marcoot Jersey Creamery

I want to start this post off by saying that I am pretty sure that this is not my best work – but as I thought about posting this page I realized that I used some techniques that are worth talking about even though it isn’t the flashiest page.

But I must start first with the story – During our Spring Break we stopped at a family run off-the-beaten-path creamery for a tour – Marcoot Jersey Creamery.  While the place is small the hospitality is huge and it was a wonderful learning and fun experience for our family. For a small fee you can sample several of their cheeses and other products, and for reasonable prices you can walk out of their with a bag full of cheese, milk, cream cheese and ice cream.

Here are the techniques that I used on this page:

  • The background page is actually cloth from the bag that we purchased our cheese in!  I cut the 12×12 boards down by a fraction on every side so that when I went to put it in the plastic page protector it would fit in.  I then cut the cloth bag to be about 13×13 inches and folded it over the edges of the cardstock board, and fastened it down with regular tape.
  • The Marcoot Creamery picture in the top left corner was a photograph that I carefully cut to match the shape of the sign outside the farm.
  • The yellow flower in the middle of the right hand spread was originally white, and I used markers to color it yellow to emphasize the color of the cheese on the page.
  • One of the four “pictures’ in the pinwheel of pictures on the right hand page is actually an advertisement card from the Creamer.  I was able to help it fit in with the photographs by corner cutting one of the corners to fit into the pinwheel/flower design.

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