2014: Spring Break Trip

2014: Spring Break Trip

2014: Spring Break Trip

2014: Spring Break Trip

This spread is a collection of a Triple D restaurant that we visited in St Louis and pictures from a collection of stops that we made on the way home at the end of our Spring Break.

The Highway 61 Roadhouse and Kitchen is a bizarre restaurant that looks a little bit like Mardi Gras at New Orleans on the inside and is known for its Cajun food. The left hand side of the page celebrates this experience with pictures of our food and the obligatory pictures of Guy Fieri and his signature tag in the restaurant.

The right hand page showcases pictures from our trip home at the end of Spring Break.  We stopped in Casey, IL to see the worlds largest wind chime – which surprisingly was worth stopping to see – its not too far off of I-70.  We also stopped at an “Indian” trading post and had to have a picture with the teepee.  For lunch we stopped at the Athenaeum in Indianapolis for a German lunch with our German exchange student.  Sadly only one person in the restaurant spoke German at the time we were there.

I didn’t do anything too exciting with these pages technique wise as they comprised 4 different events and experiences.  I did however layer background papers and use a torn paper effect, to give the pages interest.

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