2014: St Louis City Museum

2014: St Louis City Museum

2014: St Louis City Museum

One of the things that I believe you must see in St Louis is the St Louis City Museum. It is a crazy artist community that has been using architectural salvage (and other junk) to build a multistory playground for kids and adults.    The youngest child will have a great time, and even adults will enjoy crawling through the secret tunnels and sliding down a ten story slide within the building.   For kids and teens this is probably a more amazing experience than the Arch.

Since the City Museum is all about re-purposing unusable things I decided that this scrapbook page should mimic the theme.  For the left hand side I used a cog themed background paper and then covered it with a wire mesh that I bought at a craft store (this was not easy to manipulate at all! – I had to make sure that the sharp ends of the wire would not poke through the plastic protector sheet.  I then used a piece of leather cut from an old wallet that I had to serve as the backing for the photo which was affixed through the wire and background paper using brads.

On the right hand page I used various scrap papers from other projects to border the photographs, as well as the parking stub, entrance bracelet, and a piece of material that the boys found on the floor in one of the tunnels.  While this spread looks a little confusing and disorganized, I believe that it perfectly imitates the exciting mysterious nature of the City Museum.

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