Europe Vacation 2015: Rune Stones and King’s Castle

Europe Vacation 2015: Rune Stones and King's Castle

Jonathan (Our first exchange student), and his mother, picked us up from Arlanda Airport and drove us to their home near Uppsala, Sweden.  Once we got to their home and we dropped off our bags, Jonathan took us on a short road trip to see some Viking Rune Stones that were near his house, as well as the Swedish King’s Hunting Lodge/Castle.  I was amazed that we were able to basically drive right up to the front door.

The greenness of the Swedish countryside was breath taking, and I decided to use a green background on this spread to emphasize the beauty and aliveness of the nature around us.  I created a double border around the two sets of pictures.  This was done manly because the pictures on the right side did not align up in a rectangle.  I did not want a lot of border color to show through to distract from the green of the background and this helped to solve this problem.  The left hand border was created by using a tearing border ruler that Creative Memories used to sell, but I haven’t seen any for quite a while.  It is basically a ruler with a jagged edge which helps to tear paper in a straight line but with jagged edges.  I then space the two parts of the paper a little bit a part to create the effect that you can see above.

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