Europe Vacation 2015: Uppsala Domkyrk

Europe Vacation 2015: Uppsala Domkyrk
The second day that we were in Sweden, Jonathan took us on a tour of Uppsala.  We started at the main Cathedral of Uppsala called the Uppsala Domkyrk.  This is the tallest church structure in Scandinavia.  The church has a fascinating history and many important figures in Swedish history are interred within the building – discover more about the history from Wikipedia.

When we were in the bookstore at the back of the church I saw a door which looked like a vault door with words that made me think something valuable was inside.  I asked Jonathan what it meant and he asked the Cashier who told it was an elevator to the church treasury which is high in one of the towers.  Jonathan did not know that it was there, and so we paid a fee to go and see the treasures of the church and State that were inside.

The left hand page holds the 3 brochures from the church and the treasury.  I created a pocket using two pieces of cardstock and cut a slit in the front one to hold the brochures so that they can be taken out to be viewed.  The right hand page contains pictures from inside and outside of the church.  We were not permitted to take pictures in the treasury and so none are on this spread.
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