Europe Vacation 2015: Carolina Rediviva and Uppsala Slott

Europe Vacation 2015: Carolina Rediviva and Uppsala Slott

The name of this page, doesn’t do much to explain the two places that this page represents.  Unfortunately on this day many of the places that we went did not allow pictures to be taken, or where too dark for them to show up properly.  So the brochures on the left hand page do the best job of explaining to the viewer what we did in these two locations.  The three brochures are not affixed to the background paper in any way so that the viewer can pull them out to find out more.

The Carolina Rediviva is the main building of the Uppsala University Library and contains a small museum of ancient documents and books.  The most famous of which is a “Silver Bible” that was created with a silver cover and silver paint.

The Uppsala Slott is one of the Swedish Royalty’s properties in Uppsala which used to be the capitol of Sweden.  We toured the ruins of the original Castle which were incredibly interesting, but they were not giving tours of the current structure on the day that we were there.

The pictures on the right hand page are: Left Top: Carolina Rediviva; Left Bottom: Uppsala Slott; Right: Cannons on top of the ruins of the original castle.

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