Europe Vacation 2015: IKEA and GoKarting

Europe Vacation 2015: IKEA and GoKarting
One of my to-do items on this trip was to go to an IKEA in Sweden. IKEA (US Version) is a store that we love, and since it is Swedish I could not pass up the opportunity!  So Jonathan took us to the IKEA in Uppsala.  Afterwards we met Jon’s parents at Nordic Gokart and Events and spent some time racing go-karts indoors.  I definitely was the slowest one there, which is not a surprise since Jonathan races go-karts internationally!

Something unique about this spread is that I divided it into quarters and used only 1/4 to showcase the go-karting, and used 3/4 to share ephemera and pictures from IKEA.  This was because I felt like I did not have enough to do a full spread of go-karting, but had a little too much IKEA ephemera for just one page.

Starting on the left hand side we have the cover from the IKEA catalog which I picked up at the entrance, as well as a picture of the entrance and the paper that came from the ice cream cone which was filled by an automatic ice cream dispensing machine – it was really cool.  I also have the map from the store, affixed to the outside of the plastic protector sheet, so that it can be viewed by the reader.

Moving to the right you can see a picture of my son enjoying the furniture at the store as well as part of a brown paper bag with the IKEA logo.  For the journaling on this page I used the bay and rack paper that is available at any IKEA store so that you can find your items in the warehouse easily.   For the IKEA section I used the store’s colors of blue and yellow (also the colors of Sweden).

The right most 1/4 of the spread is dedicated to the go-karting experience.  I used a black background for this 1/4 to mimic the track and tire colors.  I placed a selfie that my son took before the race, and also a picture of the location’s sign.  Unfortunately I was so exhausted after this event that I forgot to take any other pictures, and couldn’t take any while we were racing.

Notice that I did the 1/4s on this page at a diagonal, and that i used a paper IKEA tape measure to divide the two sections.


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