Europe Vacation 2015: Anton’s Birthday

Europe Vacation 2015: Anton's Birthday
While we were visiting Jonathan in Sweden, his brother, Anton, turned 18, and we were fortunate enough to enjoy this special day with him and his family.  In the early morning Anton’s mother made a traditional Swedish birthday cake covered in fresh strawberries and with quite an exciting candle on top!  In the evening we joined Anton’s family and friends for a traditional Swedish meal – oh wait – that’s not true – we went to a restaurant called Texas Longhorn and had traditional American food!

These page are fairly simple.  I used a cupcake background paper for the background of the left hand page and made sure to stick a Swedish flag on the page as well.  For the right hand page I found a complimentary color background page, and for all of the pictures bordered them in a strawberry paper to pay homage to the strawberry cake that was had earlier in the day!

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