Europe Vacation 2015:Midsommer Eve 1

Europe Vacation 2015:Midsommer Eve 1
Midsommer is an important Holiday in the Swedish tradition, and so therefore is Midsommer Eve.  (Midsummer in English).   This day is usually celebrated in the country and involves maypoles, flowers, and eating outside.  More information can be found at these links:

Our day started at the Disagarden, which is part of the UppsalaMuseet (Uppsala Museum), and is an outdoor living museum.  It was the perfect place to start the day because the setting and the activities helped us to get the full authentic experience.

I chose blurry flower photograph background paper to remember all of the flowers from that day, and also cut out the top layer of the Date and Event from flower paper.  To help these words stand out I bordered them with a darker solid purple paper.  The letters were cut out using my Cricut machine.  The left hand page has 4 pictures from the maypole bordered in purple, and the right hand page includes 3 more pictures from the day, including Jonathan trying out some stilts.  I also included a picture of the entrance sign, which helps to place the location of the event on the page, as well as a maypole cut out that I bought at a gift store later in the trip.   I originally had a square border on these 4 items, but it looked to strong filling out the square, so I used a pair of sharp pointed scissors to carefully cut the outline of the maypole dancers.

If you look carefully at the bottom right hand corner you will see three wheat seeds which my son dutifully collected from this adventure.

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