Europe Vacation 2015: Vaksala Kyrka

Europe Vacation 2015: Vaksala Kyrka
On our way back from Stockholm we stopped by the Vaksala Kyrka.  (For information in English check out Wikipedia.)  This incredibly beautiful church was built during the 12th century.    It has been through many renovations and one of the most interesting things to me was to see the evidence of the various renovations in the stone and brick work.  If you look closely at some of the pictures you can see old viking runes used as stones to build the structure.  We arrived too late to be able to go inside, but we were able to wander around the outside, and see the beautiful structure.

Unfortunately it was overcast at this time and my pictures turned out kind of dark.  Because of this I used a darker background to help the pictures stand out better on the page.  I chose a background paper that had old writing on it to highlight the age of this location.  I kept the page simple by adding borders of alternating colors and straight lines, but which still add dimension to the page.

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