Europe Vacation 2015: Stockholm and Stortorgskallaren

Europe Vacation 2015: Stockholm and Stortorgskallaren
After visiting the Royal Palace we walked to the Restaurant Stortorgskallaren.  This spread celebrates the walk to the restaurant and the amazing meal that we had.

The spread has a black background with gold accents.  On the left hand page are pictures of Stockholm, including the top left hand picture which is of the official resident of the President of Sweden.  In the center of the pictures is a gold Fleur-du-lis brad (which I know is not Swedish, but I thought that it looked good.)  The pictures are bordered with a gold and black Fleur-du-lis pattern paper.

The right hand page has a strip of this same paper accented with some silverware washi tape placed behind a high quality napkin collected from the restaurant.  To the right of the napkins are pictures of three of our meals – a hamburger, fish, and a wonderful steak!  The food was delicious and the environment was noble and historic.

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