Europe Vacation 2015: Arriving in Germany

Europe Vacation 2015: Arriving in Germany

While saying goodbye to friends in Sweden was sad, seeing old friends in Germany was wonderful. We flew from Stockholm to Zurich, Switzerland, and were picked up by our Chauffeur – Luca. What a fun way to be greeted at the airport.  We drove from the Zurich airport to Gailengen, Germany where Luca lives.  Gailengen is on the border of Switzerland and Germany, and from their front porch you can see across the river into Switzerland.

This spread is designed to look like a 19th century ephemera travel book, like the ones that many European travelers made in that time – a collection of pictures and fun items collected along the way.  So we have pictures of Luca greeting us at the airport, the sign he was holding, our boarding passes from the flight, and pictures from the front porch of the Reichman home, their dog Chico, and the Gailengen church tower.  If you look carefully at the “Germany Adventure” note, it had a place for me to mark the date on it.  You can also determine the date of this adventure from the boarding passes.  If I can sneak information about the event on to the page in the form of ephemera I always like to do this.

You will notice that one of the pictures has been cut in half to fit on the two pages of this spread.  Sometimes when the layout is full, and cutting the picture does not ruin the effect, I will do this to get more pictures into the spread.

I chose a dark yellow background paper, and dark red photo borders to accentuate the colors of the German flag brought to the page by the title.


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