Europe Vacation 2015: Hohentwiel Fortress

Europe Vacation 2015: Hohentwiel Fortress
On the way back from Colmar, we stopped at the Hohentwiel Fortress ruins and climbed to the top, which was quite a journey. Find out more about the ruins from Wikipedia.  What is sad to me is that Napoleon ordered it destroyed in 1801 because it had a reputation of being impenetrable, and he didn’t want anyone to use it to stage a rebellion.

Since we had already had a long day, and the ruins were only open for a little while longer, we decided not to pay to go into see the ruins, but instead stayed for a while in the grassy areas near the entrance, and these are the pictures that you can see on this page. If we ever go back to visit again, this will be one of the sites that I will want to go and explore further.

I chose a green antique map background for this spread to highlight the beautiful greenery that shows in most of the pictures.  I used various strips of paper and cardstock from previous projects to create borders (right) and holders for brochures (left).  I used brads to hold the strips in place so that the brochures could fit under them and be held onto the page.  In order to read these brochures one would need to take the page out of the plastic protector sheet, so it is not ideal, but for these brochures this was the best solution.

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