Europe Vacation 2015: Jungfraujoch 1

Europe Vacation 2015: Jungfraujoch 1
This is the fourth spread of five of our trip to the Top of Europe.  This spread showcases all of the pictures of our outdoor adventures once we reached the top of the mountain.  I should remind you that this experience was in late June and was a very warm day at the bottom of the mountain!  The top of the mountain was below freezing, but the sunny day made it very pleasant.

For the background of this page I created a mountain background from an image that I found on Cricut Design Studio and the cut it out on my 12×24 mat so that it could cover both spreads.  (Tip:  I did not have these color papers in 12×24 size – so I placed two 12x12s next to each other on the larger mat and made sure I pressed it down strongly so that it would cut without catching.  It turned out well as I then already had the center cut for the spread completed.)

I chose not to put a border behind the pictures as I wanted the mountain background to show as much as possible.  Notice how I put one of the pictures behind the peak of the mountain, which helps the mountain to stand out and have a 3D effect.

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