Europe Vacation 2015: Jungfraujoch 2

Europe Vacation 2015: Jungfraujoch 2
This is the final page of five of the amazing journey to and at the Top of Europe!  In addition to the outdoor adventures (see top left picture in which Levi is zip-lining at about 11,000 feet!), there are many indoor things to see and do at the Top of Europe.  The left hand page has several pictures of us inside the ice caves where we found Scrat with his nut encased in the ice!  It also has the wrist band from the outdoor activities that Levi was able to participate in at the top of the mountain, and a coin that we pressed while way up there.

The right hand page has a picture of the Lindt museum and a giant snow globe that are also at the Top of Europe.  While there we had to buy some Lindt chocolates (which didn’t make it back down the mountain – only the wrappers!) and the plastic shopping bag and some chocolate wrappers are preserved on this page.  The right hand border was cut from the plastic bag that we received at the souvenir shop at the top of the mountain.

To highlight the ice caves, and the snow globe on this page I chose a light snowflake background page, and used a darker snowflake design to border the pictures on this spread.

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