Europe Vacation 2015: Hamburg – Blockbräu

Europe Vacation 2015: Hamburg - Blockbräu
After our ride on the Ferris wheel we went to the Hamburg Harbor, and enjoyed an amazing meal at the Blockbräu.  We sat on the roof an enjoyed some good German live music while we ate.  The food was amazing, especially the soft pretzels which were served as an appetizer before the meal.

The color theme of this spread is based off of the Blockbräu coasters that I picked up at the restaurant – Green and brown.  I used two sheets of each background paper – one for the background on one page, and the second to serve as the border for the pictures on the other.  This is a good way to add visual interest to the spread, without it becoming too busy, or too boring.

The pictures on the left hand side are of us at the restaurant and standing in front of a boat in the harbor.  My favorite picture is the top left hand picture, where Levi is looking with jealousy at the beer that Henry was drinking, which he was not allowed to – my rules, not the restaurant.

On the right hand side of the page are pictures of our amazing food, the front of the restaurant, and a ship in the harbor.  I used the drink coasters as ephemera in the center of each grouping of pictures.

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