Europe Vacation 2015: Hamburg Ferris Wheel

Europe Vacation 2015: Hamburg Ferris Wheel
After driving us through Hamburg, the Ollmann’s took us to the largest mobile Ferris Wheel in the World – The Steiger Ferris Wheel, which gave us a great view of Hamburg and the Harbor.

It was an incredible day with a wonderful blue sky, and I got some amazing pictures of the Ferris wheel.  I did not get many good pictures from the Ferris wheel because I had to point my camera in the direction of the sun to get pictures of the city and they did not turn out very well.

I choose a light blue background paper for this page so that the blue sky of my pictures would really stand out, and then used my Cricut to cut out the white Ferris wheel, which I carefully cut in half so that it would fit on both pages.  While this is fairly simple, it does help take the attention of the viewer onto the photographs which I really wanted to highlight.

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