2015: Basketball Season

2015: Basketball 1
This was my son’s second year of High School basketball so he played on JV and mostly watched the varsity games 🙂 – but the Varsity team won the conference championship which was quite exciting.  There are three spreads in this post, all highlighting the basketball season.  For the spread above I chose pictures from a variety of games and put them all on the same page.  I used a yellow wood grained paper for the background reminiscent of the wooden basketball court floor.   The cutout was done on my Cricut machine, and very carefully glued to the page.

2015: Basketball 2
The next spread showcases pictures from the Conference championship game which we won, and includes a picture of my son cutting the net, and also showcases the pieces of the net that he cut down.  To secure these to the page I used a thick thread and tied them to the page by poking holes through the paper and tying them on the backside.  The right hand side of the spread has a pocket which holds all of the programs from the games, as well as ticket stubs from away games.

2015: Basketball 3

This last spread has a picture of my son and his letter jacket, as well as the official team photo from the season.  I chose yellow and blue colors for this scheme to match the school colors (which are really gold and blue!).  The top left hand photo I took using the panoramic feature of my phone and had my son slowly spin as I moved the camera.  It looks a little weird, but we were able to capture all of the awards on the jacket in one photograph.

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