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2016: Prom

2016: Prom

Ah Prom – An American Tradition.  It has been one of the things that all three of our exchange students have looked forward to.  All of that to say is that I have gone through 4 prom seasons now and have scrapbooked all of them (See 2014 Prom).

Part of my scrapbooking philosophy is that the pictures and ephemera is what is should be highlighted on the page, and so you will see that this spread has minimal embellishments – because I wanted to get as many pictures as possible onto the spread.  I bordered the pictures and the prom ticket very thinly with a black border, and used a black and white background paper.  To add interest to the page without taking away from the pictures, I created triple torn side edges using a larger print paper along with simple black and white papers.  I used a jagged edge tearing tool to help keep the tears “even”.

“A Night To Remember” Scrapbook Kit


2015: Football

2015: Football 1
It seems like I scrapbook a lot of football pages! Today’s blog features 4 spreads that I made for our exchange student, Henry for the Fall 2015 football season.  The above spread features the official team photograph and other photographs that I took myself on media day.  The school colors are blue and gold, and you will see that reflected throughout these four spreads.  I found the Golden Eagles sticker at a local print shop in the “clearance” section which was awesome.  I think that they are meant to be car window stickers, but I thought that it would work nicely on this page.  Be careful if putting a sticker like this on a page – because it will be impossible to re-position it if you don’t get it in the right spot.
2015: Football 2
This spread features pictures from games and from after the games.  The bottom right hand photograph was taken after the last game played on our home field and is kind of sad seeing Henry looking out over a field that he has played on for the last time.   The background for this page is football field lines, with end borders made of pigskin.  I carefully cut the “82” out of a page of athletic numbers to add to the border.

2015: Football 3
The above spread is from the athletic awards program.  I used blue and gold for the theme of the page.  On the left hand page the program is carefully threaded around a gold strip so that the program can be removed to be viewed by the reader.  On the right hand side I put a “O” for the letter jacket.  Henry did not earn his letter until after the swim season, but I thought that it would be nice to have hear.  On the right hand page I also created a pocket for the other documents from the season to go into so that they can be removed to view.

2015: Football 4
This last spread contains ephemera from the season.  The left hand page has all of the stickers from Henry’s football helmet.  I wrote some tips on how to preserve these that you can read HERE.  The right had page has some of my tickets from watching the game, as well as a collection of all of the programs from the games.  I did not affix these to the page, but rather just set them into the plastic protector page so that they can be removed to read.


Live Well Sports: Live More Active

2015: Basketball Season

2015: Basketball 1
This was my son’s second year of High School basketball so he played on JV and mostly watched the varsity games 🙂 – but the Varsity team won the conference championship which was quite exciting.  There are three spreads in this post, all highlighting the basketball season.  For the spread above I chose pictures from a variety of games and put them all on the same page.  I used a yellow wood grained paper for the background reminiscent of the wooden basketball court floor.   The cutout was done on my Cricut machine, and very carefully glued to the page.

2015: Basketball 2
The next spread showcases pictures from the Conference championship game which we won, and includes a picture of my son cutting the net, and also showcases the pieces of the net that he cut down.  To secure these to the page I used a thick thread and tied them to the page by poking holes through the paper and tying them on the backside.  The right hand side of the spread has a pocket which holds all of the programs from the games, as well as ticket stubs from away games.

2015: Basketball 3

This last spread has a picture of my son and his letter jacket, as well as the official team photo from the season.  I chose yellow and blue colors for this scheme to match the school colors (which are really gold and blue!).  The top left hand photo I took using the panoramic feature of my phone and had my son slowly spin as I moved the camera.  It looks a little weird, but we were able to capture all of the awards on the jacket in one photograph.

Live Well Sports: Live More Active

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