2014: Taku Japanese Steakhouse

2014: Taku Japanese Steakhouse
We discovered a cool Japanese Steak House in Kokomo, IN called Taku Steak House.  We went early on a Saturday for lunch, which meant that the restaurant was not very busy, and we ended up getting a grill table all to ourselves which was fun.  We had to wait a little bit to see if anyone else would show up, but it wasn’t a long wait before they decided to go ahead and start the entertainment.  At this restaurant you order your food, which is then cooked in front of you in a very creative and fun way.  Some of our pictures show the flaming volcano of onions!

The color scheme for this layout is based on the colors in the restaurant.  If you look at the top left hand picture you can see the stone wall and purple painted wall.  I duplicated this design with two different scrapbook papers, and it is my favorite part of this page.  I then used orange borders to match the menu and chopstick paper wrapper that are the ephemera on the page.


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