2016: Rhode Island, Plymouth Rock and Mayflower II - version 1

2016: Plymouth Rock and Mayflower II

2016: Rhode Island, Plymouth Rock and Mayflower II - version 1

Version 1

As we started the home bound part of our East Coast Vacation we decided to take a different route so that we could hit up some additional states and see a few more sites on the way.  One of the places that I have always wanted to go was Plymouth Rock, and while we were there we also toured a replica of the Mayflower that was docked nearby.

(Note: We were on a road trip and when I created this spread I mistakenly remembered that we were in Rhode Island at this point, which is not the case.  So these pages have an inaccurate background page.  😦  )

I have shared that I created two pages for each event/location on this trip – one for our exchange student and one for our family album.  Most of these pages are exact duplicates, but for a couple of them I did them differently.  This blog shows two different layouts for the same event – mostly so that I can show two different ways of storing/displaying a brochure on a scrapbook page so that it can be taken out and viewed by the reader.  Both versions have the same background papers and use the same color scheme.

The first version (above) I created for our exchange student – it has more pictures of him than the second version since the scrapbook was for him.  As I wanted to get all of these pictures onto the spread, I did not have a lot of space left to fit on the brochure from the Mayflower II, so I used my paper trimmer to cut a vertical slit in the picture border paper (blue) and created a pocket for the brochure to slide into.  This allows the viewer to take it out to read if they wish.  (Learn How to Create a Pocket for Ephemera).


2016: Rhode Island, Plymouth Rock and Mayflower II - version 2

Version 2

This is the second version of the same experience, and I decided to use less pictures and showcase the brochure on this version.  This spread uses a hanging method to hold the brochure.  I created a double strip (blue and white) and attached it to the page using brads so that the brochure could be slipped over the strip to hold it in place.  It can easily be removed by the viewer to read it if they wish.  While this method takes up more space on the spread, it does show more of the brochure.


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