2016: Branson - Roundup on the Trail

2016: Branson – Roundup on the Trail

2016: Branson - Roundup on the Trail
On one of the nights during our Branson, MO vacation we went to see the Shepherds of the Hill drama, but beforehand we decided that we would enjoy a chuckwagon meal at the Roundup on the Trail Dinner Show.

I chose the orange checkered background pages for this spread because they matched the tablecloths at the event, and they complemented the colors of the brochure and the pictures nicely.

The left hand page has pictures of us before the show started, and a copy of the brochure, which is attached to the outside of the plastic page protectors so that the reader can open it to view.  This page also has the ticket from this event to document the date and time, which is nice as I don’t like my handwriting, and so therefore I do not journal much.

The right hand page has an “Ozarks Mountain” cutout which I bought at a local scrapbook store in Branson, MO, (Scrapbooks Forever).  I find that looking for local scrapbook stores at your vacation area is always the best way to find these kinds of items.

The left and right double borders for these pages are orange, one with a jagged edge, and one with a straight edge.  Both are held in place by a single line of simple stitching in green, in keeping with the sewing theme of this album.

“Branson Missouri” Scrapbook Kit

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