2016: Branson - ZipRider

2016: Branson – ZipRider

2016: Branson - ZipRider
This spread highlights our ride on the Vigilante Extreme ZipRider – which is like a zipline – but you sit in a chair harness instead of a body harness which makes the experience so much more comfortable.  This launches from the top of Inspiration Tower, part of the Shepherd of the Hills complex.

I chose a green and tree theme for this spread as we were flying over the tops of trees during the ride.  The left hand page shares a picture of my son before the ride, the tickets from the event (which show the date and time of the adventure so that I don’t have to journal), and the brochure (which is affixed to the outside of the plastic page protector – so that the reader can open it to view it).  All three items are bordered in a moss green to help them stand out against the busy tree background paper.

The left hand side page holds the folder of professional photos from the event, which you can see in an open state below.  (How to create an opening folder on a scrapbook page).  The right hand edge border was created using a jagged edge tearing tool, and you can see that the sewing design element on this page is a set of arrows crossing both pages, to remind us of the zipline descending down the mountain.

2016: Branson - ZipRider Open

2016: Branson – ZipRider Open

Isn’t this a great picture of my mother and my son? It is one of my favorites.


“Our Ziplining Adventure” Scrapbook Kit

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