2016: Branson - Shepherd of the Hills Drama

2016: Branson – Shepherd of the Hills Drama

2016: Branson - Shepherd of the Hills Drama
The Shepherd of the Hills drama is one of the first attractions in Branson, MO, centered around the story of the Shepherd of the Hills, which made the area famous.  Harold Bell Wright came to the area in 1898 and fell in love with the hills.  He wrote the classic Shepherd of the Hills and published it in 1907 and it quickly became a best seller.  Tourists started flocking to the area to see the sites, and the Shepherd of the Hills drama was created to retell the story from the book.

This drama was one of the highlights of our trip – it is in an outdoor theater complete with horses, vintage vehicles, and a cabin fire!

For this spread I chose a brown theme to match the dominant colors of the dirt in the photographs.   I bought the Branson wood board background paper at a local scrapbook store in Branson, MO, (Scrapbooks Forever).  The pictures are thinly bordered in a tan color to help them stand out against the dark background, and to complement the color of the tickets which are also on the page.  I like to put tickets into my spreads as they document, the event, date, and time, which minimized the need for me to journal (since I don’t like my handwriting).

I used a jagged edge tearing tool to tear the bark paper which forms the border on the right hand page.  To keep with the theme of this album, I used a dark brown thread and my sewing machine to border the picture set on the right hand page.

Note: This is the last page of our Branson, MO Family Vacation Album.


The Shepherd of the Hills by Harold Bell Wright

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