2017: Ollivanders and Butterbeer

Spring Break 2017 – Orlando: Ollivanders and Butterbeer

2017: Ollivanders and Butterbeer
This spread is an example of putting two different experiences on the same page.  The left hand page chronicles the adventures we had at Ollivanders, and with our recently purchased magic wands.  The right hand page celebrates the deliciousness of butter beer!

Both parks have interactive events that you can initiate by completing a spell with a special interactive wand that you can purchase at Ollivanders.  I would highly recommend starting your experience at Ollivanders, selecting a wand, and then interacting with the various magical points.  This is great for small kids who will need some help performing the spells, and also great for teenagers who will get a kick out of it.  The wands are a little pricey – I think $50 each, but it makes for a nice souvenir to bring home as well.  When you purchase your wand you are given a map that shows where the interactive spots are.  There are some locations that are pretty dark, and if you want to find the interactive parts you have to hold the map under a dark light so that the hidden spots are revealed in glowing ink.

Hint: The Universal website encourages you to buy the wand ahead of time, but I think that going through the Ollivander’s experience is a must do, and it is fun to actually pull your own wand off of the shelf! Watch a YouTube Video of this experience HERE.

I chose a black and very busy background page for the Ollivanders page.  This was because the store is very packed and haphazard space, and I wanted the page to mimic that. It was cool that I was able to find black background paper that is filled with Harry Potter spells – it works perfectly for this page.  You can see that I stacked two photos of the wand shelves on top of each other to show the height of the room.  The title and the Harry Potter cartoon were purchased on Ebay, but I hand drew the larger wand that is on the page.  I copied the Harry Potter wand that I had purchased.  The black Ollivander piece on the page is actually from the bag that our wands came in from the store, and the magic map is inserted into it so that it can be removed to be viewed.

The right page has a picture of my son enjoying some butterbeer – we spent way too much money on butterbeer and butterbeer ice cream while we were in the parks.  The title and the graphic of Harry Potter on the broomstick were purchased on Ebay.  For the right hand border I used washi tape to help connect the theme to the left hand side of the spread.

Try all the Butterbeer products at Universal Studios.


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