2017: Emeril's & Gator's Dockside

Spring Break 2017 – Orlando: Emeril’s & Gator’s Dockside

2017: Emeril's & Gator's Dockside
This is the last spread in the 2017 Spring Break Orlando scrapbook. I combined two restaurant events into one spread – Emeril’s and Gator’s Dockside.  Unfortunately the Emeril’s at Universal Citywalk is now permanently closed.  But the food at both places was amazing!

For this spread I chose a green theme which works nicely for combining these two restaurants since Emeril’s corporate color is green, and alligators are green :).   I cut out the alligator using my Cricut machine using a textured alligator skin paper.  I then used this same paper for one of the borders on the left hand page.  I used green to border the pictures and ephemera and the same color to create borders for the spread.  The ephemera includes promo cards, business cards, and menu’s from the restaurants.

This spread highlights that even though the two restaurants are completely different, one is high end and the other is more like a sports bar, they can be brought together into the same spread by carefully choosing the theme, colors, and composition of the spread.


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