2017: Summer Road Trip

Summer Road Trip 2017: Title Page

2017: Summer Road Trip
During the Summer of 2017 my son was working at SpringHill Camps, and I was attending a conference in Arkansas, so I decided to make a solo road trip of the experience. This was a new challenge for me as I have always done trips with other people, but I soon realized that it was a lot of fun. I call it my planned, but unscheduled road trip.  By planned – I mean that I chose the route that I wanted to travel, and then used RoadTrippers.com to find out about all the things to do on the way (this was the planned part), but then I just went at whatever pace I wanted to go at, and used my hotels.com app to get a hotel at whatever place I was at when I was ready to rest.

This is the title page for the album celebrating this trip.  I cut the “Road Trip” logo and the date using my Cricut machine.   I was able to find a scrapbook background paper that included the whole area that I visited on my trip, so I outlined the route in red, so that the viewer could see the extent of my trip.  I will be honest that I tried to do this first by using red thread in my sewing machine, but it did not work well at all and ended up creating a cut line in the paper.   If you click on the photo and then zoom in and look at the top part of the red outline you can see the cut mark under the read ink.  I had to carefully undo all of the sewing and then I repaired the back of the paper with cellophane tape and then used the red marker to create the outline.  I think that I did a pretty good job since it is almost impossible to see.


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