2017: Grand Ole Opry - Cover

Summer Road Trip 2017: Grand Ole Opry

2017: Grand Ole Opry - CoverThe next city on my Summer Road Trip was Nashville, TN, and when you are visiting Nashville the most iconic place to visit is the Grand Ole Opry.  I booked a Backstage Tour so that I could get the full experience, and I would encourage any Country Music fan to do the same.  I took so many pictures that for this spread I created six pages, put together in a panoramic fold out page protector.  This allows you to have a 2 page opening spread, which then opens to show another 4 page spread.  What you see above is the open spread for the Grand Ole Opry.

I chose a wood theme for this entire 6 pages to highlight the floor of the stage, and cut a wooden circle to pay homage to the famous circle on the stage.  The Grand Old Opry website shares that “A six-foot circle of wood sits center stage at the Grand Ole Opry House, removed from the Ryman Auditorium stage when the show moved to the Opry House in 1974. (link)”

The left hand side has a paper fan that I removed the wooden handle from, and the right hand side has the professional picture that was taken of me when I was on the backstage tour.

2017: Grand Ole Opry - InsideThe inside of the panoramic fold out page protectors reveal the above 4 page spread.  You may have to click on the photograph to enlarge it to make it easier to see the detail.  All four pages have the same wood theme, each with a circle of wood in the middle.  Starting on the left most side we have pictures of the outside of the building, along with my backstage ticket.

The next page has a brochure from the site, along with a post card of the image from the stage, a guitar pick that I purchased at the gift shop, and a photograph of my backstage pass which I had to return at the end of the tour.  I cut the photo to the shape of the pass to make it look real.  The reason that I purchased a postcard of the stage scene was because we were not able to go onto the stage as there was a rehearsal occurring.  I was disappointing in this, but what made up for it was that we got to hear an amazing choir sing a few songs which was a great experience.

The third page highlights the Artists’ Entrance along with the member artist mailboxes, and a few names from the membership board.  The fourth page shows pictures from the green rooms, a photo from backstage of the stage, and one from the audience viewpoint, where you can see the choir practicing.

Grand Ole Opry Backstage Tour

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