Storage and Displaying Scrapbook Albums

Scrapbook Storage Shelf

Scrapbook Storage Shelf

I have made over 50 scrapbooks in the last 11 years, and I have 42 of them in my home. I made 10 for our three exchange students and sent them home with them. The house that we bought had an office, and had these beautiful shelves built in. Three sets of shelves are the perfect height for storing 12×12 scrapbook albums.

The top shelf holds items from our travels, including over 300 collectors pins.  I discovered about 17 years ago that the cheapest (and smallest way) to collect a memento from each place that we go is to buy collectors pins.

The second shelf down starts my scrapbook collection, with the baby albums that my mother made for me followed by High School and College yearbooks.  On the right side of this shelf are additional mementos and this section will eventually hold more scrapbooks when I need the space.

The next two rows hold the scrapbooks that I have made and they are all in chronological order so that they are easy to find when I am looking for a specific event, trip, or time frame.

The bottom two shelves hold books and some photo albums, and are not tall enough to hold 12×12 albums.

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Discussion Board:  “I am getting to close to running out of built in shelves to hold all of my albums. I am interested in seeing what other people do for storing and displaying your albums.” – Reply Here.


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