Germany 2017: Mainau 1

Germany 2017: Mainau

Germany 2017: Mainau 1
On the last full day that I was in Germany, Luca took me to Insel Mainau (Island of Mainau) which has an interesting history (read about it on Wikipedia), and is currently functioning as a beautiful garden estate.  A brief history is that it was owned by Swedish royalty, and is currently managed by a non profit organization.  Early family members loved gardens and exotic plants, and so the gardens are immaculate and have plants from all over the world.

In the spread above you will see pictures of the amazing garden, a view of the Lake of Constance, and the original palace on the grounds.  On the left page is the ephemera from the trip – the ticket stub, a walking stick medallion, and the brochure from the island that is attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be opened to be read.  I chose colorful flower background paper for this spread to emphasize the colors of the gardens.

Germany 2017: Mainau 2
This second spread from the Mainau trip highlights two unique parts of the gardens – the left hand side shows pictures of two Giant Sequoias which were planted in 1864 and 1875 by the family – it was incredible to see how tall they were, and at only about 150 years old.  The right hand side shows pictures from our time inside the Butterfly house which is the second largest one in Germany.

I chose a wood theme for this page to highlight the bark of the Sequoia pictures.  I used my Cricut machine to cut out the butterfly and the trees that form the border of the spread.  I cut just one tree and then cut it in half – one for each side.

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