Germany 2017: Insel Reichenau

Germany 2017: Insel Reichenau

Germany 2017: Insel Reichenau
The Ferry took us from Rodolfzell to Insel Reichenau (Reichenau Island), which has been inhabited by several monastic communities since the 700s and is currently known for its amazing crops and 1200 year old churches and monasteries.  After debarking we walked across the island, taking in the sites, enjoying the farms, and picking fruit from some of the trees on the side of the road.  It is a beautiful and peaceful place.

I themed this page in orange and green – the orange from the map of the island, and the green from the picture of the church.  Notice that the two background papers have the same pattern, even though they are different colors, and this helps to tie the spread together.  I also used a strip of each page to create part of the border on the other page.

I put the map at an angle on the spread as it did not fit well trying to get it just on one page.  I then lined the other brochure and pictures up with it at the same angle to create symmetry for the spread.  The picture in the top right is of a sundial that is painted directly onto the wall of the monastery.  I had never seen something like this before and I wanted to remember it.  I used the brochure of the monastery because it showed the celebration of the church being there for 1200 years!  This is something that is often hard for American’s to fathom, since there are few buildings from this time frame in North America.

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