2009: Indiana Beach

2009: Indiana Beach

2009: Indiana Beach
During the summer I won two tickets to Indiana Beach, by answering a question correctly on the radio.The question was “Who did the owners of the George Forman Grill ask first to name the grill after?”  – I’ll tell you the answer at the bottom of the page :).

This spread shares our time at Indiana Beach – but I will say at the start that I am not happy with the way that this looks and I would do several things differently if I were to do it again:

  1. I would not use a dark color paper to make the Title – it is pretty hard to see against the dark background.
  2. I would put a border around the pictures to help them stand out better.
  3. I would have put some kind of spread borders on the pages to help draw the focus to the middle of the spread.
  4. I would have chosen a different color for the cutout of the roller coaster – yup – there is one there – on the bottom of the right hand page – just impossible to see against the dark background page.

So, with all that being said let me tell you what is on the page:

The two titles were made with my Cricut machine and one came from inside the other.  I also used my Cricut machine to cut the roller coaster which can barely be seen.   I also put the following ephemera on the page (going from left to right): Dog tag and patch from the park gift store, pellet gun target (I thought he did pretty good), and the wristband which allowed us to ride the rides.  I chose the background paper because it has a wood grain, and I thought it would be nice tribute to the wooden roller coasters.

Every once and a while I am tempted to redo pages that I am unhappy with, but I made a commitment to not do this so that I could see my progress, and I have way too many other pages that I need to create for the first time.

Answer:  So you want to know the answer to the question? It was Hulk Hogan!

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