2009: Our Birthday!

2009: Celebrating Our Birthday!

2009: Our Birthday!
My son and I share the same birthday! So we always get to celebrate together – which is fun. For this year we rented out the local roller skating rink and invited our friends to join us.

For this birthday spread I wanted to try something different – on the left hand page I used one of the mylar birthday balloons for the background – I cut it just a bit bigger than 12×12 and then folded it over the edges of a black piece of cardboard, and taped it to the back side.  I then put the pictures and the date (cut with my Cricut machine) on top of the balloon.  I have had no trouble with the adhesive on this.

The right hand page is made by attaching some of the birthday cards from the event to the 12×12 black cardboard, and then trimming it down to size using a wheel cutter.  I used my Cricut machine to cut out our names and ages on this date and also attached those directly on top of the cards using a glue pen. I attached the middle card through the plastic page protector so that it could be opened – it plays music when it is opened.  Or at least it did – tonight when I was writing this I opened it and it let out a little squeak and then went silent.  I guess those batteries only last so long!  Learn how to make an opening folder on a scrapbook page.

I know that these pages are very busy and that you have to look closely to see everything – but it was the birthday party for an 11 year old – so it was pretty chaotic – and these pages remind of that wonderful time.

The lightweight, low-profile BrightPad makes crafting easier while reducing eye strain.

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